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What Is Windows 11?

Windows 11 is a free upgrade from Microsoft. It is the latest Version of Windows they have brought out. Although Windows 11 is free, there are some very strict secification requirements put in place by Microsoft before you can upgrade.

What are the requirements?

Microsoft require the following in order to upgrade to Windows 11:

  • A 1GHz or faster with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or system on a chip (SoC)
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • 64GB or more of storage
  • TPM version 2
  • UEFI firmware
  • Secure Boot
  • Compatible with DirectX 12 or later, with a WDDM 2.0 driver
  • High definition (720p) display, 9" or greater monitor, 8-bits per color channel

Confused yet? Don't worry, we can help you get things in order.

How Do I know If I Can Upgrade?

There are checks which can be carried out to see if you can upgrade, and this is where we can help. Using software we can check to see if you PC, laptop or other device is suitable, or if it can be upgraded to become compatible with Windows 11. Once confirmed, we can proceed to the next step.

What Is Involved In Upgrading

There are several steps we take to upgrade your device. We need to make sure that at every stage of the upgrade, any information that you need, such as photos and documents are protected just in case something doesn't quite go to plan. The steps we follow are set out as follows:

Backing Up Your Information

Microsoft have made it so that your documents and important info, as well as your programs are reinstalled into your new version of Windows. However, this is technology and nothing is perfect.

We make two types of backup to make sure that if something goes wrong we can either put everything back as it was or retreive your information. We make a manual backup of your documents and keep them safe before we start.

Once your files are safe, we then create a system image so that if something goes wrong, we can put windows and all of your programs back in place as if nothing had happened. Not only are your files safe, but so is Windows.

Then Comes The Upgrade

The upgrade process is reasonably automated. We set the upgrade on the go and wait for it to install. Once upgraded we then check your system for any errors and make sure that your files have been saved. If not, we have them all backed up for you. If completely successful, both your files and programs will be in place once the upgrade is complete.

What If I Don't Like Windows 11?

If you don't like Windows 11, or you just can't get on with it, we will have both your system image and file backup which will allow us to put your previous copy of Windows back onto your device.

What Devices Can Be Upgraded?

Any device that fulfills the specifications above can be upgraded if it is designed for Windows. iPads, iPhones, Android devices are not compatible with this upgrade.

What Do I Do Now?

If you have decided that you want to see if your device can be upgraded to Windows 11 then give us call on 07787 845086, or use our Contact page to arrange for us to do an assessment.

Ok, But How Much Does It Cost?

To check for compatibility we charge £25. If you can upgrade, we asses your device and upgrade it for a total of £60, and you don't pay the £25 compatibility check. However, be aware, if you want to downgrade again it will cost another £60, so please keep that in mind before you make your decision.


Windows 11 may be right for your machine, but it must be right for you. If possible, see if you can use a Windows 11 device and see if you like it before you commit to an upgrade. In reality, it really isn't so much different to Windows 10 that you can't find your way about easily enough, but if you would like to discuss this further, give us a call on 07787 845086 and we will be happy to help.